The Bartons “Ain’t Livin Good” CD


The Barton’s classic CD “Ain’t Living Good”




The Barton's "Ain't Livin Good" CD

"Ain't Living Good" Theme song for 2009

Curtis, Linda, and Amy join together to make this the year "a time to: choose the right songs for this time in history, to stand taller, to work harder, to walk straighter and bolder for Jesus and to continue to tell the world about His love through our music"

We (Amy, Curt & Linda) thank so many for all their hard work.



1. "Spread the Music Around"
2. "Let It Rain"
3. "Don't let me be a Stumbling Block"
4. "God is Faithful"(Vicki Arnold-Daywind Tracks-permission granted)
5. "I'm going to pray for you" (inspired by Brad, our nephew)
6. "Nothing"
7. "Whatcha gonna do?"
8. "Redeemed, redeemed"
9. "Grandma Moses"
10. "Ain't Living Good"

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Barton Lady Music

Barton Lady Music
Ain't Livin Good


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