The Bartons “Come out singing” CD


The Barton’s “Come out Singing”





The Bartons "Come out Singing"


We would like to thank so many folks for this project.  First, we thank our precious Heavenly Father.  For without Him, we would not be able to be in a recording studio again, enjoying what we love to do.  We want to thank Linda's mother, whom has been with us each step of the way, her brothers and their families, Curt's brothers and their families, for without them many times the hard times were almost too hard to bear.  Then there are all our precious friends who have lifted us up in prayer each moment of the day.  We dedicate this work to each of them.  This project is so important to us as a family, for it stands as a proclamation stating that no matter how hard life gets, our Heavenly Father will be with us always.

We have found a recording home at Raney Recording Studio.  I thank Jon and all the crew, the greatest band in the world, and the way they have made us feel "at home.''  I pray God's continued blessings on this bunch of fine folks.

As you listen to these songs, we pray you will be encouraged and will rejoice with us, knowing Gods is in control.

- The Barton's


1. "Standin' in the Need of Prayer"(B.B. Edmiaston - Stamps-Baxter Music) 2:17

2. "Stand Back" (Linda Barton - Barton-Lady Music) 2:36

3. "The View From Here (Linda Barton - Barton-Lady Music) 3:04

4. "Hold On" (Linda Barton - Barton-Lady Music) 3:17

5. "Do You Know the Man?" (Linda Barton - Barton-Lady Music) 3:00

6. "Glory to the Lamb" (Linda Barton - Barton-Lady Music) 2:32

7. "Would Someone Testify?" (Linda Barton - Barton-Lady Music) 2:15

8. "Take Me to the Throne" (Linda Barton - Barton-Lady Music) 4:05

9. "Momma Is the Brightest Rose (Jim Hooker) 2:49

10. "I Love To Sing About My Lord (Linda Barton - Barton-Lady Music) 2:32

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Barton Lady Music, The Barton's, Linda Barton, Curt Barton

Barton Lady Music The Barton's


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