A Few Words About Us

It is our prayer that through the music God has given us, this project will truly bless you.  We hope you can see, feel, and hear the God we serve through these songs.  At a time when the world is filled with chaos, when intelligent men argue over the deity of our Lord, be still and know He is God.  He is real in every situation of life.  Find Him this very moment, right next to you.  He is here.

A couple that has been in music together for over forty years. Singers, promoters, writers, even authors of a book that talks about the dreaded disease that Linda has had for several years- Multiple Sclerosis.

But this disease has not stopped the music. The Bartons, Linda Curtis and Amy, have sang before many thousands, hundreds and even before a crowed of neighbors, friend and family.

Linda feels very strongly about bring music to people for their comfort. Linda knows that she is blessed with the gift of music and has sacrificed many comforts and valuable time for others to share in and enjoy the music that she and her family have been blessed. It is our hope and desire that you find comfort in our songs and the Lord.

Thank You so much for sharing this Journey with us.

The Bartons


What Linda Barton, with husband, Curt, work together in bring great new original music. Songs like:

IS  that a SIGN?
A song bringing out some of the happenings in today's
world, and asking IS THAT A SIGN?



A good handclapper!


Describes how God has made us a vessel
thru the hard times, thru the good times, and.........

Our Team

  • Amy Wright
    Amy Wright of the Bartons and Lady-Barton Music Singer and Songwriter...
  • Linda Barton
    Linda Barton of the Bartons and Lady-Barton Music Songwriter and singer...
  • Curt Barton
    Curt Barton of the Barton's and Lady-Barton Music....